Organically grown hops in Central Pennsylvania

Welcome to Flying Squirrel Organic Hops!

Flying Squirrel Organic Hops is a small-scale family operated venture for the environmentally sound cultivation of our favorite brewers ingredient - HOPS

Our hops are grown on the Hilling farm, nestled within the sedimentary ridge and valley system of the Central Pennsylvanian Appalachians. The Hilling farm is found on Stone Creek Ridge, home to whitetail deer, redtail hawk, and a suprising variety of indiginous salamanders. The hops rows are situated near the crest of the ridge, catching full rays during the day and enveloped by thermal breezes at night.

Agricultural production on the Hilling farm dates to pre-revolutionary days, with crops that primarily included corn and wheat. The majority of acreage on the farm had been unused for decades prior to our groundbreaking in 2009. We have taken as much care as possible to ensure the least environmental impact on the farm and surrounding forest. Passive irrigation, locally collected and reused structural materials, and locally obtained fertilizer drive the growing cycle. We are currently eligible for, and in the process of certification with PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic). The result, we hope, are the finest hops to be found in this neck of the woods.

Why Flying Squirrel Organic Hops? You'll have to ask our brother Justin ('squirrel') for details.

Currently Growing: